Workplace mental health and safety training.

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Wellbeing 1st Responder.
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Leading with Wellbeing.
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The skills and framework you need to support your people safely at work.

Because the answer to the mental health crisis is each other.

Wellbeing 1st Responders provide early intervention and prevent everyday mental health and workplace issues escalating into personal crises and costly absence.

Unlike other mental health and safety at work training programmes, Wellbeing 1st Responder provides a robust neuroscience-based “skills set” that focuses on the power of work to increase wellness.

Wellbeing 1st Responders are equipped to measure the impact of their conversations and signposting ensuring they are proven safe, economical, effective and culture positive.

Our approach.

Work should be a positive experience - and when we build closer connections with each other, we can navigate any storm and perform at our best.

The golden ratios: supporting and connecting.

Make sure you have the right level of support at every level of need. 1 in 6 people have a common mental health condition. Based on this prevalence and Cari workplace wellbeing continuum research data, we recommend you have 1:10 Wellbeing Advocates and 1:20 Wellbeing First Responders.

We focus on providing neuroscience-based NeuChem coaching to support people at work who have more indepth needs.

Mental Health First Aiders will have the knowledge that can support the 0.1 - 0.2% of the working population with severe mental health conditions. Upskilling them means they can Advocate for, and provide Wellbeing 1st Responder, support to all colleagues.

Please note: only qualified people should provide clinical support to employees – but colleagues can support each other with the dynamics of everyday life.

The right support, from the right people.

We actively promote and enjoy partnering with Occupational Medicine Providers, to both support employees and provide the organisation with return on investment in terms of prevention of, and reduction in, sickness absence.

Wellbeing advocate ratios

How Cari Wellbeing 1st Responder differs from Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) training.

Our training provides an alternative to mental health first aid, focussing on the science of positive mental health and the impact of work rather than identifying mental health conditions; it promotes human relationships within organisations.

Learn to be confident in having safe conversations about wellbeing, and have access to expert support to ensure you can maintain boundaries, and work within your scope of practice.

We focus on developing the skills that promote wellbeing and ensure that work issues don't become personal crises.

Mental Health First Aid training focusses on what to do, and is knowledge based. Wellbeing 1st Responder is skills based, and teaches how to do it.

MHFA comes with optional certification from the Royal Society of Public Health – a multiple choice exam. Wellbeing 1st Responder carries optional ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Recognition and certification, requiring a practical skills demonstration, evidence of supervision and reflection assessment.

The ALGEE model is a knowledge based aide-memoire, whilst the Wellbeing 1st Responder learns the NEUCHEm and Guardian Questions safe conversation framework.

Support and supervision:
in addition to robust assessment, Wellbeing 1st Responder comes with supervision sessions built in, along with privileged access to use the Cari wellbeing consultation tool to support their colleagues – this provides immediate signposting to the support that will help them, along with an assessment of wellbeing, performance, and culture in the workplace.

Neuroscience- based programme The focus is on understanding the science of positive mental health and the impact of work - not on medical conditions.
A natural uplift or alternative ​to MHFA You don't need to have Mental Health First Aiders, but if you do, the Advocates and Wellbeing 1st Responder course will enable your MHFAs to learn different skills that will significantly uplift their capability and confidence in supporting colleagues.
Focus on mental health conversation skills.​ Learn skills in how to notice the signs and be confident in having safe, comfortable signposting conversations.
Globally delivered Course is running in Europe, North America, Australasia and Asia.
ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Recognised External recognition and verification through internationally recognized ILM recognition, delivered by a ILM Approved Centre.
Measurably preventative​ As Wellbeing 1st Responders can measure and monitor wellbeing, they can identify where people are on the mental health continuum – and ensure preventative steps are taken.
Ongoing support and supervision​ Access to expert support to ensure people are working within their scope of practice.
Annual relicensing​ To ensure the organization is protected and can demonstrate due diligence in mental health risk management.
Cari Advocates and Wellbeing 1st Responders have special access to Cari Analysis and support that meets everyone's specific needs – with no need for a diagnosis from an unqualified professional. Your Wellbeing 1st Responder can provide data and metrics on your organisations mental health risks, needs and improvements in real-time.
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Neuroscience based training from an ILM Approved Centre.

Our training. Learning, flipped.

Our courses have been developed by an award winning Occupational Psychologist. Using the flipped learning pedagogical approach, you will learn the concepts first then come together with your cohort and our expert facilitators to practice in a supportive environment. This approach deepens your learning experience, and encourages higher level cognitive skills.

Packed with neuroscience-based exercises and deeper dives for those who love to know more, everything we offer has been designed to broaden knowledge and improve wellbeing. As an ILM Centre, you can be assured that the courses we deliver are robustly assessed and carry real credence in the workplace with global recognition.

Study your way.

On the bus, in the gym – wherever works for you. Our online learning platform is accessible from any device, with bitesized learning designed for you.

  • Buy your course via our website and get access to create your account and enrol. Need an invoice in advance, or want to book for lots of people? Contact us.
  • Get started straight away with your online study, then join us at one of the live workshop sessions.
  • Your tutors are on hand and available to provide support and guidance, and we have forums for you to build a supportive peer network.

Wellbeing 1st Responder.

Helping people to identify their strengths, and needs.

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Roughly 4-6 hours of self-learning, with two live workshops where people can get together, ask questions, share thoughts, and practice, followed by Tutor assessed assignments to embed learning. Learn skills in championing wellbeing, and develop a deeper ability to manage difficult scenarios safely. Know how to spot the signs someone may be struggling, what you can do – and how – while keeping both yourself, and your colleague, safe.

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Leading with Wellbeing.

Navigating the power gradient for psychological safety.

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An estimated 11-14 hours of self-learning, with three live workshops. Connect with your peers and build a supportive network as you learn and practice together. Expert help from your tutors will guide you to develop deeper Wellbeing 1st Response skills. Learn to navigate the power gradients keeping everyone psychologically safe, and fulfil your responsibilities as a manager/leader to mental health under the HSE.

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