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Facing Difficulties Together.

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Key information.

4-6 hours online study with 2x live online workshops.

Wellbeing 1st Responder Certificate – optional ILM Recognition available.

£380+VAT per person.

Responsive wellbeing support.

Preventing workplace issues from becoming personal crises.

Wellbeing 1st Responders are essential to fostering a positive and supportive culture in the workplace. They play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and stigma around mental health and wellbeing, ensuring open communication and connection within the organization. By promoting health and happiness, they help prevent workplace issues from escalating into personal crises.

Providing immediate, light-touch response, Wellbeing 1st Responders are present with colleagues who may be in crisis or struggling with difficulties, directing them to the help they need. With a strong focus on scope of practice, ethics, and boundaries, we equip people to safely provide support to their colleagues and to know when and how to signpost to professional practitioners.

Whether you are uplifting the skills of your Mental Health First Aiders or developing a cohort of Wellbeing 1st Responders, this evidence-based course will ensure that positive conversations and signposting to relevant professional help create a robust wellbeing culture in every team. Empower people to tackle wellbeing conversations where a colleague may be at risk, struggling, or in crisis.

Course Details

Roughly 4-6 hours of self-learning, with two live workshops where people can get together, ask questions, share thoughts, and practice, followed by Tutor assessed assignments to embed learning. Learn skills in championing wellbeing, and develop a deeper ability to manage difficult scenarios safely. Know how to spot the signs someone may be struggling, what you can do – and how – while keeping both yourself, and your colleague, safe.

Optional ILM Recognition available.

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Students learn how to encourage conversations about wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. They will explore how to break down stigma, and engage people in fostering a positive culture – an environment where everyone feels able, and supported, to access wellbeing initiatives and support.

Promoting the importance of monitoring our own wellbeing, and placing an emphasis on wellbeing mindfulness and scope of practice and boundaries, Wellbeing 1st Responders work to ensure that team members feel valued, worthy of support and know where to find what they need.

This evidence based course uplifts the skills of Mental Health First Aiders, providing a deeper level of knowledge to enable them to contribute to a robust wellbeing culture within their team, empowering colleagues to proactively address wellbeing challenges.

  1. Understand the role of the Wellbeing Advocate and Wellbeing First Responder, and how these are vital in developing healthy and connected workplaces and organisations.
  2. Understand the importance of scope of practice and setting boundaries, and how to have safe conversations about wellbeing.
  3. Understand what can affect wellbeing in the workplace, and how to build a supportive and non-stigmatising culture for everyone.
  4. Reflect on and understand how to apply their learning to their role by promoting access to resources and role modelling open and engaged attitudes to wellbeing.
  5. Understand how to contract with conversation partners, and apply this to working with practice wellbeing conversation colleagues.
  6. Understand how to manage difficult scenarios safely, within scope of practice and boundaries.
  7. Contract effectively with conversation partners, set safe boundaries and practice wellbeing conversation skills.
  8. Develop effective reflection skills and apply this to their own practice of wellbeing conversations.

4-6 hours online study with 2x live online workshops.

Wellbeing 1st Responder Certificate.

Study your way.

On the bus, in the gym – wherever works for you. Our online learning platform is accessible from any device, with bitesized learning designed for you.

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  • Your tutors are on hand and available to provide support and guidance, and we have forums for you to build a supportive peer network.

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