We are the power behind amazing well-being expertise.

By bringing the power of science and data together, we create a foundation for our clients and partners to bring the power of their unique, wonderful selves.

Together we can make joy triumphant at work and change the world.

Powered by Cari!

Our mental health and safety at work training.

For over 30 years our Founder, Maria Paviour has been championing the importance of relationships at work. The evidence demonstrates that relationships are the most important factor in wellbeing and performance - and are not only central to all our wellbeing consultations and data, but are also the central R in Dr Martin Seligman's world renowned PERMA Happiness model.

Our wellbeing training courses are rooted in neuroscience, and developed by an Occupational Psychologist. Being a Wellbeing Advocate or 1st Responder is all about connection, and we provide you with skills based learning so you can confidently carry out your role.

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Combining learning and support…

As one of our Wellbeing Advocates or Wellbeing 1st Responders, you will have privileged access to our Cari Wellbeing Consultations, included within your course fee. Use this to champion wellbeing and build a thriving culture within your team! The consultations provide immediate support and bespoke signposting to your colleagues – getting them to the human intervention that will help them, at that moment in time.

…with data…

If at least ten of your colleagues complete consultations, we can provide you with incredible anonymous reporting on the wellbeing and culture of your team. Find out what’s working – and what’s not.

…people have the Power!

As a wellbeing 1st responder you have the power, with the data, to make real change happen, by working together and making your workplace culture what you want it to be. You can show that compassionate leadership creates the best results, you can prove that high wellbeing delivers low costs and better profits, and you can make sure that your organisation rightfully takes it's place among the best workplaces in the world! You can do this, because, with Cari, you and your colleagues truly have the power.

Globally recognised training.

As an ILM Approved Centre, all our courses are robustly developed with the student in mind. We provide optional ILM Recognition for the Wellbeing 1st Responder course.

Built in support.

As a Wellbeing 1st Responder, attend supervision sessions as part of your course, to receive support from our qualified tutors, keeping both you and your colleagues safe.

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